HCE-Senior Fellow vom Caltech


We welcome our newest HCE senior fellow from Caltech

We are pleased to welcome Prof. Christian Frankenberg as our newest HCE Senior Fellow. His research is broadly focused on the global carbon cycle, particularly on using the vantage point from space , to gain a truly global (or regional) perspective on specific phenomena occurring at the interface between the Earth's surface (including the terrestrial biosphere and anthropogenic activities) and the atmosphere. His current focus is on the study of solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence and atmospheric methane and carbon dioxide.

During his visit to Heidelberg, Prof. Frankenberg will collaborate with the IUP and give a series of lectures and seminars, including the well-known Heidelberg Bridge Seminar Series (tentative date January 26, 2022).


Frankenberg is a professor of environmental science and engineering and a research associate at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech, USA.