Climate Action Science (CAS)

This project combines empirical findings in atmospheric physics and geography on the sources of greenhouse gas emissions with social and economic sciences to understand where emissions come from and how knowledge about emissions impacts climate action. In doing so, we focus on the sub-national and local level to test whether high resolution climate data can lead to strengthened actions on the individual, societal, and governance level.

Climate Action Science

Climate Action Science constitutes the academic counterpart to the international cooperation between Baden-Württemberg and California, as well as the Under2 Coalition. The Under2Coaltion was founded in 2015 by the states of California (USA) and Baden-Württemberg (Germany). It has grown to a worldwide alliance of more than 200 partners for subnational climate action. On September 15th, 2018, California and Baden-Württemberg signed a sister state agreement to foster their partnership with the key elements climate policies and science.


Dr. Maximilian Jungmann
Institut für Umweltphysik