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Climate Action Science (CAS)

International coalitions, like the Under2Coalition between Baden-Württemberg and California, aim to limit global warming under 2 °C. Therefore a pioneering constitution of “Climate Action Science” can be the foundation for further research on conditions of climate action. This is where the project “Climate Action Science” (CAS) starts. Within the frame of CAS

scientists of the Heidelberg University cooperate with scientists of California universities and research institutions in developing an academic accompanying programme for international climate protection.

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Shaping Climate Action - From Monitoring to Civic Participation



Climate Action



The Team:

The interdisciplinary team evaluates suitable data and methods, which can be used for the mapping of greenhouse emissions and their verification. Simultaneously the acceptance of climate acting on a local level (citizens) as well on a broader level like the state government is investigated by social and economic scientists. Via the transnational transfer of knowledge between Baden-Württemberg and California a concept of formulating strategies in context of climate protection will be given for each member state of the Under2Coalition. These allow the development of strategies for monitoring, balancing and implementation in the light of a pioneering and effective climate action.


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