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Board of Directors

Managing Direktors

 Thomas Rausch Prof. Dr. Thomas Rausch

   Managing Director | Center of Organismal Studies

   E-Mail thomas.rausch [at] cos.uni-heidelberg.de

“Regarding humanity’s global challenges, research on our ecological environment – while striving for excellence - has to leave the comfort zone and link to action science.This asks for a bold inter- and transdisciplinary mind set” 




Jale TosunProf. Dr. Jale Tosun

Managing Director | Institut für Politische Wissenschaft

E-Mail jale.tosun [at] ipw.uni-heidelberg.de

" Environmental sciences are part of the answer "





  AndreButzProf. Dr. André Butz

   Managing Director | Institut für Umweltphysik

    E-Mail andre.butz [at] iup.uni-heidelberg.de

" I am passionate about observing the Earth. Making my measurements count for a better understanding and a deeper awareness of our complex environment demands partnering across disciplines and beyond academic limits "




Extended Managing Committee



Reents  Priv.-Doz. Dr. Friederike Reents

   Germanistisches Seminar

   E-Mail friederike.reents [at] gs.uni-heidelberg.de





Koch  Prof. Dr. Marcus Koch

    Research Centre for Biodiversity | Centre for Organismal Studies (COS) Heidelberg

    E-Mail marcus.koch [at] cos.uni-heidelberg.de





Goeschl  Prof. Timo Goeschl, PhD

   Research Centre for Environmental Economics

   E-Mail goeschl [at] uni-heidelberg.de





Friedrich  Prof. Dr. Oliver Friedrich

   Institut für Geowissenschaften | Sedimentologie & marine Paläoumweltdynamik

   E-Mail oliver.friedrich [at] geow.uni-heidelberg.de






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