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HCE is in search of an executive manager as parental leave replacement. 

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Summer block course

Transboundary Water Conflict Resolution: The Israeli-Arab Case

by guest lecturer Prof. Dr. Itay Fischhendler (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) 

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Mon 17th Jun 2019


Zoom in - Psychologische Implikationen hochaufgelöster Klimadaten (deutsch)

PD. Dr. Florian Kutzner, Universität Heidelberg, Psychologisches Institut

Mon 24th Jun 2019


Die Höllenglocken von Yukatan - Einzigartige Geoarchive aus der Unterwasserwelt Mexikos (deutsch)

Simon Ritter, Universität Heidelberg, Institut für Geowissenschaften

Mon 01st Jul 2019


Wissen allein reicht nicht! Klimawandel, ein „hilfreiches” Argument in der Konfliktklärung im öffentlichen Raum bzw. Naturräumen? (deutsch)

Monica Arzberger, keine GmbH Agentur für Bürgerdialog und Konfliktklärung und Technische Universität München, Lehrstuhl für Wald- und Umweltpolitik

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Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE)

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The Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE) combines a wide range of environmental perspectives including natural sciences, social sciences and cultural studies. It focuses on humans’ physical and socio-cultural environments as well as the specific dynamics of these environments, and also on how these dynamics interact with each other. In recent history, the intensity of this interaction has strongly increased in many areas, which challenges us to take a comprehensive approach in examining and integrating various academic perspectives into our research. 


What's new?

Science Slam on Climate

20190521-20h48m59s- Ffb5976For the opening of the International Conference on Climate Action ICCA 2019 and the Climate Neighbourhoods 2019 in Heidelberg five young scientists presented their research in the Science Slam on Climate. The audience voted on content and entertainment value of the presentations.

Scientist for Future at the HCE


Scientists for Future  support the fridays for future movement scientifically. The statement of the S4F International has been published in Science. HCE mobilized many signatories. From 3000 signatures in total, about 1% are from Heidelberg and a major part from the HCE (0,6%). Check out our interview with Scientist for future and HCE member Prof. Dr. Werner Aeschbach.
Letter in Science.
List of signatories.
HCE - Youtube channel

The HCE at Kinderuni 2019

2019Also in 2019, the HCE offered a workshop at the children university. In the workshop "Fish - food and resource", the children learned about the different aspects of sustainable fishing by playing a joint role game.
Link to Kinderuni 2019.

Authors workshop on "Issue politicization and policy change: Lesson drawing from the case of agriculture-food policy process"

Gruppenfoto_AutorenworkshopOn 7.-9th March 2019 the Institute for Political Sciences hosted the 17th JCPA & ICPA-Forum Annual Workshop. A dozen of international scholars from different disciplines discussed current trends in agriculture-food research from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The workshop was funded the HCE and the FoF4.
More information

Discussion Event on the topic „Öko-Pflanzenzüchtung – für Biodiversität und Klimaschutz“ (german)

Discussion on ecological plant seeding for biodiversity and climate protection. The discussion will be held in german.
Find more information here

HCE Zukunftskolleg 2019/2020 is open for application

Are you a graduate or postgraduate scholar looking for individual support and peer exchange? Apply now to the HCE Zukunftskolleg.
More information


Natur Climate change: Drvers of CO2 reductions

Jale TosunProf. Dr. Jale Tosun (Deputy Director of the HCE) and colleagues publish newest insights on drivers of CO2 emissions reduction in industrial countries in Nature Climate Change.
Link to Paper.


Improvisation theater "Kopfsalat" at HCE

The theater trio "Kopfsalat" was on stage on 22nd January 2019 to deal with the topic of environment and sustainability in an artistic manner. In the well-filled Marstallcafé the audience was given a room to bring along their thoughts on the topic of environment and to reflect in an entertaining way.

  Video: Nils Föhles

Prof. Dr. Sabine Gabrysch awarded for "courageous research"

HCE member Sabine Gabrysch (Institut für Global Health) has been awarded for her personal commitment, her courage and her scientific competence within the  „Food and Agricultural Approaches to Reducing Malnutrition“ (FAARM) project.  The HCE gratulates!
MWK Article (Ger)
Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung (Ger)
Pictures of the award ceremony

17./18. Dec 2018: Workshop "Towards Climate Equity"

Scholars from anthropology, politics and physics gathered with guests from Canada, Indonesia and Germany to discuss which paths to follow towards climate equity. 

03.-14. Dec 2018: Student delegation at Conference of Parties 24

Gruppenbild_KattowitzA delegation led by the Heidelberg Center for the Environment has been in Kattowitz at the Conferences of Parties (COP) 24. The students, doctoral candidates and researchers followed the negotiations and conducted interviews. 
Participant shares her impressions in the Rhein-Neckar Newspaper, 12.12.2018

Prof. Dr. Dominik Collet accepts appointment to Oslo

Collet_BuchHCE-junior research leader Prof. Dr. Dominik Collet has accepted an appointment to the University of Oslo, Norway. His newest book  "Die doppelte Katastrophe" can be found here and as preview hier.

Prof. Dr. Koch as visiting professor in Santiago de Chile

Prof. Dr. Marcus Koch (Deputy HCE-Director and Research Centre for Biodiversity / Centre for Organismal Studies (COS) Heidelberg) is currently in Santiago de Chile as visiting professor.
Press release of Universidad Católica de Chile (Es)

1.-3. Nov. 2018: 100 participants at HCE conference SDiA

100 participants from over 30 countries visited the Sustainable Development in Action conference 2018. In workshops the participants learned about different areas of sustainability. During the Action Labs they worked on the implementation of sustainable solution.  
Conference Homepage

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