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Mon 29th Oct 2018


Filmvorführung: Zwei Flüsse – eine Mission (deutsch)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fath, Hochschule Furtwangen Campus Schwenningen, Fakultät Medical and Life Sciences

Thu 01st Nov 2018


Sustainable Development in Action (SDiA) 2018

Mon 05th Nov 2018


PODIUMSDISKUSSION: Nachhaltiger Alpentourismus (deutsch)

Prof. em. Dr. Werner Bätzing, Universität Nürnberg-Erlangen, Institut für Geographie Prof. Dr. Lucas Menzel, Universität Heidelberg, Geographisches Institut Dirk Dunkelberg, Stellvertretender Hauptgeschäftsführer Deutscher Tourismus Verband e.V. Prof. Dr. Carmen de Jong, Université de Strasbourg, Faculty of Geography and Spatial Planning

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Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE)

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Photo: Prof. Dr. Hans Gebhardt

The Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE) combines a wide range of environmental perspectives including natural sciences, social sciences and cultural studies. It focuses on humans’ physical and socio-cultural environments as well as the specific dynamics of these environments, and also on how these dynamics interact with each other. In recent history, the intensity of this interaction has strongly increased in many areas, which challenges us to take a comprehensive approach in examining and integrating various academic perspectives into our research. 



What's new? 

HCE Junior Research Group on "artificial glaciers" in Ladakh, Indien

Team around HCE member Prof. Dr. Marcus Nüsser and HCE-Junior research group leader Dr. Juliane Dame analyse the effect if ice reservoirs in mountain region in South Asia.
Press release University Heidelberg
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Register now for SDiA-2018 (01.- 03.November)

Registration for the Conference "Sustainable Development in Action 2018" has opened. In an interactive format containing of Keynote talks, workshops and action labs, participants will learn how to enable sustainable development. 
Further information and registrationVideo: Max Jungmann und Nils Föhles

Berliner Zeitung: The year without summer

BerlinerZeitung_Juli2018The Berliner Zeitung writes about the interplay between climate and historical events. The Heidelberg Center for the Environment provides essential contributions for tackling this question.
Berliner Zeitung, Online version on 21 July 2018
Berliner Zeitung, print version


HCE-project on Arsenic in groundwater

This new video by Nils Föhles and Maximilian Jungmann portraits the project in a lively way.







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