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The HCE Zukunftskolleg



Many young scientists dream of a scientific career. The way to get there, however, can look difficult and confusing. The HCE Zukunftskolleg starts from there and offers young researchers support in the form of a network, advice and financial support. With this support, they should be specifically encouraged to plan, start and shape their career.


The Zukunftskolleg is aimed primarily at doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers in the field of environmental sciences in natural, social and cultural sciences. The program consists of various offers.


JOUR FIXE In monthly meetings the fellows get to know each other, their subjects and different disciplinary cultures. They coach each other and learn from each other's experiences, successes and failures. The interdisciplinary exchange also provides the opportunity to place one’s research questions in different scientific contexts, to bring to bear new perspectives and approaches. For this workshop, we invite a senior researcher to give feedback and his experience


COACHING A professional and tailored coaching offer supports overarching competences and strengthens the fellows cohesion. 



EXKURSIONS  For special occasions, such as exhibitions and lectures in the vicinity of Heidelberg, HCE offers the scholarship holders guided tours and discussions. As a result, various research and subject areas are introduced/presented and placed in the context of environmental research at the University of Heidelberg.



TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT In order to help fellows build their own professional networks and make themselves and their research visible in the community, HCE provides funds for "networking activities". These funds can be used to attend conferences or workshops, or to meet with potential collaboration partners (e.g. in the context of a joint application).*



* The following details should be taken into account about travel expense reimbursements:

An informal application for travel expenses (max 500 words) must be submitted at least four weeks before departure. Here it should be described which environment-relevant qualifications the fellow hopes to further through the travel and how the total costs are composed. If approved, travel expenses of up to € 500 will be covered. A co-financing ("matching" a second support) for a trip is also possible. Latest by eight weeks after the journey’s end, invoices to be refunded must be submitted to the HCE office, along with a short report (about 200 words) that can appear on the homepage of the HCE (e.g. the Zukunftskolleg’s website or blog). On potential conference contributions, such as posters or lectures, the HCE must be named. The funding is limited to 500 EUR per person per year. There is no entitlement to funding from the HCE.

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