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Dating Laboratories

In Heidelberg several laboratories use a variety of dating methods to determine the age of different environmental archives and systems, respectively. Depending on the applied methods and the investigated material the available methods cover time scales from days to billion of years. This unique dating competence opens wide fields of applications and make it possible to track various scientific questions in Earth and Environmental Sciences as well as cross-cutting disciplines.

Method Labs

Laboratory for C-14 Dating

C-14 Laboratory for the Preparation of Air Samples

C-14 Laboratory for the Preparation of Water Samples

C-14 Laboratory for the Preparation of Carbonate Samples

Tritium Laboratory

Laboratory for Mass Spectrometry (U-Th Dating)

ATTA Prepartion Laboratory (Ar-39)

ATTA Laboratory (Ar-39)

Laboratory for Noblegas Mass Spectrometry (Ar-40 - Ar-39, I-129 - Xe-129)

Radon Laboratory

Laboratory for Gas Chromatography (SF6, FCKW)

Laboratory for Luminescence Dating

Luminescence Laboratory

Ion-Track Laboratory

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