The venue is the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics in the Neuenheimer Feld, INF 227.

We reserved room allotments with special conditions at the Marriott Hotel and Steffi's Hostel.

Both are in walking distance from the venue and the main station. The special offer is only available until April 30, so we strongly recommend that you make your booking before that date.

Marriott Hotel

  • Prices are per night and per person including breakfast.
  • Single room: 79 EUR per person/per night
  • Double room (shared with a summer school participant): 44.50 EUR per person/per night

To make your booking, please send an email to with the following information

  • Date of arrival and date of departure
  • Single room or double room
  • The subject of your email should contain "CESummerSchool"

Steffi's Hostel

Prices are per night and per person without breakfast. Breakfast is 3 EUR per day.

  • Single room: 45 EUR
  • Double room: 28 EUR
  • 4 beds room: 24 EUR
  • 5 beds room: 22 EUR
  • 6 beds room: 22 EUR
  • 8 beds room: 20 EUR
  • 10 beds room: 18 EUR

Please make your booking via

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