Ashley Mercer (Posters)

David Keller (Presentations)


Posters and Presentations


All students are strongly encouraged to bring a research poster or idea poster to the summer school. In the poster session everyone with a poster will be asked to make a one minute or less intro to their poster (and we mean one minute, it will be timed) and then people can walk around freely and discuss the posters (much like at any academic conference). Along with the physical poster, we ask you to PLEASE submit a pdf of it. We will need this for the one minute introductions.

For details on size and pdf upload as well as tips for making a poster please see the poster guidelines.

Unless you have talked to Ashley Mercer directly, we are excited to see a poster from you!


Frequently asked questions:

Q: Do I need to make a new one?

A: NO! You do not have to make a new one for the school. If you have an old poster that you used somewhere else and you would like to reuse, please do.


Q: Printing and travelling with a big poster is really hard, do I have to do that?

A: If this is the limiting factor, feel free to print it a smaller size.  As long as people can read the content that is no problem. Please contact me directly and discuss if this is a major concern.


Q: Why an electronic copy?

A: Prior to the poster session, we will each have one minute to introduce our posters.  They will be projected in a meeting room.  Please upload your poster file as directed in the guidelines. If there is any issue, please email to Ashley Mercer


Student Presentations

In addition to the poster session, if you would like to give a 15 minute research talk, there will be space in the program for oral presentations. We have 12 slots available total. If you wish to present please upload Externer Inhalt a brief abstract about your talk (200 word maximum).

We will consider talks that have uploaded completed abstracts by July 14. You will be informed July 16 if you will be giving a talk in the later part of the summer school.

The slide deck will need to be ready by Thursday July 31 at noon, so they can be loaded onto the appropriate computers.

Any original research talks related to SRM are encouraged. Feel free to use this time to try out a new talk or pull out an old one you think people may benefit from hearing.

If you have any questions regarding the student presentations, please contact David Keller.

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