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Funded trips
  • Tillmann Eymess to the 13th Nordic Conference on Behavioral and Experimental Economics in Odense, Denmark (27./28.09.2018)
  • Simon Schaub to the 3rd Congress Spurenstoffe in aquatischen Systemen in Heidelberg (20./21.11.2018) 
  • Helen Fischer to the Risk and Uncertainty Conference in Amsterdam (12.-14.06.2018)
  • Judith Müller to the Geographischen Arbeitskreis Entwicklungstheorien / AK Geographische Stadtforschung im Entwicklungskontext in Bayreuth (25.-27.10.2018)
  • Charlotte Stirn to the meeting Spurenstoffe und Krankheitserreger im Wasserkreislauf in Frankfurt (23./24.10.2018)
  • Li Han to the 5th European Conference on Permafrost in Chamonix (22.06.-01.07.2018)
  • Trevelyan Wing for field work to Hamburg (01.-30.11.2018)
  • Victoria Caillet to the Edinburgh Postdoctoral Law Conference (18./19.01.2018)
  • Karlijn van den Broek to the International Conference on Applied Psychology and Human Behavior in Funchal, Portgualon (9.-12.07.2018)
  • Mile Misic to the Workshop Academic Writing (16.-18.07.2018)
  • Nicole Schmidt to the IPPA Conference in Pittsburgh (26.-28.06.2018)
  • Lina Pranaityte-Wergin to the Masterclass Notion of Value, led by Prof. Dr. Joel Robbins (Cambridge) at the Frobenius Institute in Frankfurt (29./30.06.2018)

Zukunftskolleg Fellows 2018/2019



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Fotos: Florian Freund


Dr. Lina Pranaityte-Wergin


Katharina Anders
Li Han
Michael Kraft
Verena Maurer
Charlotte Stirn
Judith Müller

Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing

Aaron Pattee


Therese Weisbach
Kathrin Leutz

Political Science

Mile Misic
Simon Schaub
Nicole Schmidt
Trevelyan Wing


Dr. Helen Fischer
Dr. Karlijn van den Broek

Research Center for Sustainable Development Law

Victoria Caillet

Research Center for Environmental Economics

Tillmann Eymess
Sven Kunze
Angelika Müller
Tobias Pfrommer




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