Collegio Futuro

Collegio futuro is a joint interdisciplinary PhD college of the 4EU+ member universities. Participants have the chance to tackle environmental issues in an interdisciplinary manner and receive mentoring and support from a European network of peers.

Reaching the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and coping with major planetary problems, such as climate change and biodiversity loss, requires a socio-economic transformation that ensures sustainable development. In this transformation, multiple societal stakeholders have to be involved. Conceptualizing this process demands an integration of perspectives from different research disciplines and needs creative and open-minded experts, who do not hesitate to step out of their comfort zone and collaborate in an interdisciplinary manner, striving for the best solutions. As a joint interdisciplinary PhD college of the 4EU+ member universities, the Collegio futuro seeks to foster these skills, which are essential for tackling our urgent environmental, economic and societal challenges.

Collegio futuro is aimed at doctoral students from all research disciplines who seek to expand their knowledge beyond their own research area, with the goal of

  • strengthening competencies in interdisciplinary communication and project elaboration,
  • empowering students to transfer their knowledge and expertise to different contexts,
  • promoting critical and system thinking,
  • raising awareness for the challenges of socio-economic transformation,
  • encouraging communication of scientific findings to civil society.


The application period for WS 2023/24 is closed

The call for applications for the next course edition will be published in October 2024.



Curriculum WS 2023/24

Participants will work in multidisciplinary groups to develop solutions for hands-on environmental issues with the goal of practicing a policy brief drafting. They will have an opportunity to exchange with their peers and examine the chosen problem from different perspectives. They will engage in discussions with scientists and practitioners in order to identify and propose feasible solutions to given problems. Altogether, the participants will engage in activities that will enable them to expand their network, generate impulses for new projects and improve their competences in science communication to the society.


Greening of cities – adaptation of cities to climate change and biodiversity loss

Sustainable land use - ecosystem restoration on marginal land

Towards a sustainable aquaculture

Program & credit points:

One-day preparatory workshop: 18 October 2023, online

  • Introductory lectures and getting together

Fall school: 20 – 24 November 2023, on-site in Heidelberg

  • Development of a concept

Individual & group work (self-organized): December 2023 – January 2024, online

  • Finalization of the policy brief

One-day final workshop: 25 January 2024, online

  • Presentation of results and discussion of the outcome with scientists and policy makers

Collegio futuro corresponds to 5 ECTS credits in total. Participants are kindly asked to check the recognition with their graduate schools. A Letter od Attendance will be issued for regular participation and final outcome.

Venue & accommodation

The Collegio futuro Fall school 2023 will take place at International Academic Forum Heidelberg.

The accommodation in double-room-apartments is available at the venue for all incoming participants for the duration of the Fall school. The room reservation and occupation at the venue will be arranged by the organizer in consultation with participants. For accommodation elsewhere, participants are kindly asked to arrange their accommodation on their own.


Collegio Futuro Class 2021/22