Collegio Futuro

Collegio Futuro is a joint interdisciplinary PhD college of the 4EU+ member universities. It seeks to foster the essential skills that future leaders need in order to tackle our urgent environmental, economic and social challenges. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops and receive mentoring and support from a European network of peers.

Reaching the climate goals under the Paris Agreement requires a socio-economic transformation that ensures sustainable development. This process needs creative and open-minded experts, who do not hesitate to step out of their comfort zone, collaborate interdisciplinary and strive for finding the best solutions. As a joint interdisciplinary PhD college of the 4EU+ member universities, the Collegio Futuro seeks to foster the essential skills that future leaders need in order to tackle our urgent environmental, economic and societal challenges.
In a series of on-site workshops (in the cities of Heidelberg, Milano, and Warsaw) and regular short online meetings, the participants will work together on projects dealing with hands-on environmental issues. They will have the opportunity to exchange with their peers and discuss up-to-date research issues with experts and civil society representatives in order to identify and propose feasible solutions for given problems. The goal will be to prepare reports (policy briefs or publications) for policy makers, researchers or civil society. Altogether, the participants will engage in activities, which will enable them to expand their network, generate impulses for new projects, and acquire essential skills that will jumpstart their professional career.



Collegio futuro is aimed at doctoral students from different research disciplines, including natural and life sciences, social sciences and humanities. The thematic focus is related to environmental issues; however the research experience in environmental sciences is not prerequisite for joining the college.

Collegio futuro is particularly addressing students who want to broaden their knowledge beyond their own research field and are open for discussion in an interdisciplinary setting.


Collegio Futuro- Workshop II

The meeting will bring together young scientists of the 4EU+ member universities from various disciplines to share, debate and discuss, one of the main environmental problems that our society has to face, such as plastic pollution and related issues. The meeting will be held at the University of Milan. Training activities will rely on some lecture, project-based learning and project development.

Collegio Futuro- Workshop III

The aim of this workshop is to finalize the projects that participants have been working on during the previous meetings and to present and discuss the outcomes to peers.
In addition to the project work, participants are cordially invited to participate in discussions on career perspectives, educational perspectives of Collegio Futuro and future demands on PhD education.

TRANSFORM- Innovations and Entrepreneurship for Sustainability

 TRANSFORM is a collaborative online course jointly designed by the Universities of Heidelberg, Mannheim, Sorbonne, Warsaw, and Copenhagen, and co-funded by 4 EU+.

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